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How to Schedule Free Consultation

For better experience, the Google Chrome browser must be installed and adjusted as following:
1. Go to Settings → Appearance
2. Change Font Size to Medium
3. Change Page Zoom to 90%

Click the Icon located at the upper right corner.

Click on “Sign Up Now”.

Click on “I am a learner”.

Enter the account name, your first and last name, your preferred Email address, your time zone, password and invitation code (if you have one) and click “Join Now”.

A confirmation Email will be sent to your registered Email address. If you did not receive the email within 1 min, please click on “Resend”. The confirmation email could be in your spam mailbox as well.

Follow the instructions in the confirmation email and click the verification link.

Now you should be able to navigate to your Dashboard.

Go to the “Reserve” tab and click “Add”.

Select three preferred time slots and your intended program plan, and click “submit”.

Our course manager will approve your request within 1 business day.

Once Approved, click the “Teams Link” to access the free 30 min consultation with us at the "Start time". If the "Start time" no longer works for you, please contact ASAP.

If you have any questions about scheduling a free consultation session, please do not be hesitate to email us at