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The Game of Multiplying Money

Introduction to
Stock Investing and Cryptocurrency

Earn Money With Money

The key to financial wealth is not just earning money, but multiplying it. Investment is a game of multiplying money. Learn the basics on how to play it smart and safe.

This program will teach you about two of the most popular, as well as the highest risk for highest reward, categories of investment - stocks and cryptocurrency.

In the process, you will familiarize yourself with risk and return on investment, understand economic projections, and learn to make predictions.

Begin an early foundation for the core of knowledge and intuition it takes to become a good investor!

Our Students

This Wessential program is catered towards pre-collegiate students with high school proficiency in mathematics. No prior knowledge of micro or macro economics required!

This program incorporates elements of top business schools' finance courses and is perfect for young aspiring entrepreneur and prospective business students.


This program draws case studies and stock market simulations directly from US current and historical data to prepare students for real world stock investing.

The courses provide comprehensive definitions for core concepts in business and economics as well as overviews of important investing principles and analytic methods as taught in top US business schools. Students then apply this knowledge in a friendly competition to meet long-term and short-term investment goals in a mock stock market game hosted by PersonalFinanceLab.

Maximizing Engagement

We encourage students to collaborate, discuss, and compete when honing their newly acquired investment knowledge.

At the same time, 1:1 mentorship allows students to personalize their learning experience and ensure that they get the dedicated attention they deserve.

Knowledge is wasted when it cannot be applied. That is why we focus on having students test new concepts in case studies and our competitive mock stock market game.