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Founder Story

To Inspire the Business Essentials to Our Students

Be the Innovator and Pioneer of Financial Education

We Inspire Every Students to be World-class Business Leaders

Michael Ma

Michael has developed an interest in finance and money management due to constant exposure to business-related information ever since a young age. After obtaining a master’s degree from Georgetown University, he cultivated his experience in corporate strategy development at Fortune 500 enterprises ranges from hospitality, technology to consulting industries. Michael is specialized in Merger & Acquisition consulting and corporate investment strategy formation, and he believes the best financial advisor is experience.

Positive Feedbacks

Andy Liu

Andy has always been passionate for education and investment. He obtained his Bachelor degrees in Economics and Applied Math from UC Berkeley, and is a future MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. His experience ranges from equity research in a public fund, nonprofits to a well-known management consulting firm. His experiences in non-profits and finance inspired him to cultivate more socially responsible investors.

Why We Founded Wessential

What is a good investment and how can we make good investments? These are the questions that Andy and Michael always ask each other.

With both grew up in families who suffered significant setbacks during the 2008 depression, talk of investment strategy and proper resource handling inundated our chats. We were impressed with the impact that distinct seemingly small investment decisions could have on the finance and personal of a company or individual.

Today's constantly changing environment has brought more complex elements involving investment strategies, and the need for better-suited models to be introduced to mitigate new business investing that come with a changing environment more effectively. Therefore, in 2020, Andy and Michael founded Wessential to be the innovator and pioneer of financial education.

Wessential is not only a simple education tool, but we also built it as a dynamic investing community, just like an online investment company to connect talented young investors around the world. Under the instructions from our top business school mentors, we desire to share a wider range of investment strategies so as to establish a balance between risk appetite and risk control, short-term and long-term performances, and the enterprising spirit and social responsibility.

Aside from vastly broadening young investor’s understanding of the investment strategies that tie the world together and the financial intricacies of managing a company, Wessential will also give our young investors firsthand experience to shape the financial outcomes on an organizational and global level by capturing real world PE or VC investor attention and influencing motivation of investing.

Wessential’s aspiration is to help our young investors to become a business and thought leader in their industries who excels in business investing and capital management in order to create a solid flagship in the tumultuous global economy. Make a long story short, Wessential wants every young investors to have the ability to make money from investing and use money to do good.