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Investment Education

Start your financial journey early with curricula from reputed business schools adapted for students aged 13+


Students 13+ who want to jump start their investing futures


Learn economics and investing concepts in a digestible format, while applying concepts in a guided, competitive trading simulator


Learn and converse with both experts and peers from the comfort of your home


Choose convenient lesson times using our student portal, where sessions can be modified or rescheduled


One-on-one Mentorship

50-min Private Session
Peer to Peer Competitions


Study With Wessential

Early financial literacy encourages financial responsibility and leads to greater financial stability and wealth in the future. Wessential distills the curriculums of top business schools like Wharton, MIT Sloan, Booth, and Berkeley Haas into classes suitable for age of 13+ students. Our courses combine personalized mentorship with peer to peer competition for an engaging learning experience.


Engage at Wessential

Wessential connects pre-collegiate students with mentors from the top business schools in America. They get to challenge themselves against other talented students like themselves from around the country, competing in mock stock exchange moderated by our Wessential team in collaboration with PersonalFinanceLab. Students are also encouraged to connect with our alumni in networking events to take the next steps in their investing journey.


Experience Wessential

The Wessential curriculum meets students where they are at and leads them all the way. We focus on having students apply the theories and concepts they have discussed in class and learn from those experiences rather than simply memorize from a book. Students are provided the structure and rich resources of a college introductory class, but also the personalized pacing and scheduling of private tutelage. At Wessential, we’re about education, not schooling. What students gain with us is not just knowledge, but an experience.


Go Anywhere Else

When you can experience all of Wessential right from your home. Wessential has developed our own learning platform to facilitate seamless remote education. Students have ready access to all of their course information via our web portal and can easily schedule their lessons and communicate with their mentor.

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Programs Derived From Youth Finance Competitions and Real World Stock Markets

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Years of Experience

Our Team is 2 years old and growing fast.

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Students Taught

Over 200 Wessential students have jump started their financial literacy. You can be one of them!

We guide our students in applying business school theories to real world economics. They don’t just gain knowledge, they gain experience.

Our curriculum covers the latest in investing, including Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Students' Success is our No.1 priority. We understand students learn at different paces and may need to spend more time on different concepts. Our mentorship curriculum allows for flexibility to meet students where they are at and lead them all the way!

Our extensive student network connects current and past students so that students can share their investing experiences and grow organically.

Lana Shea, Mother of Andrea ( age 14 )

“Our daughter Andrea has never been more engaged with a class. She talks to us daily about what she learned and even looks forward to doing the homework!“

Lana Shea, Mother of Andrea ( age 14 )

Brian Ko, Student ( age 18 )

“One semester at Wessential has taught me more about economics than all of high school. I want to get more into real world investing in college.“

Brian Ko, Student ( age 18 )

Draiden Arty, Mentor

“The courses at Wessential truly are special - a fine balance between theory and application. I never get tired of seeing how excited students get to do their own stock trading.“

Draiden Arty, Mentor


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See why our mix of university economics knowledge, youth finance competition, and real world stock investment simulation is the perfect blend for sparking a passion for personal finance and investment literacy.

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